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The university of Sunderland is a dynamic, modern university with high standards of teaching and research and a growing reputation as the university for enterprise, employment and opportunity.

The University has been providing higher education in the city since 1901. The key to this longevity is its ability to adapt to change – something that former Education Secretary Estelle Morris highlights:

“The University is extremely good at adapting – constantly seizing new agendas and changing with society…when new ideas are announced academia trails in their wake, taking too long to adjust but Sunderland takes its opportunities and leads the field.”

This approach has led to many awards and they are regularly asked to pilot new Government initiatives and projects.

Rated one the best ‘new’ universities in the UK for the overall quality, quantity and range of research.

Use these pages to find out more about the University, how you can apply and more importantly – why you should apply!


About Sunderland Uni

The University of Sunderland has a total student population of over 15,000, based at two main sites – the Sir Tom Cowie & the City Campus. The Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter’s, next to the River Wear, has seen an investment of over £50m in recent years, and an ambitious redevelopment programme began […]

Fees & Bursaries

Fees £3,000 a year for all full-time undergraduate courses. Bursaries All full-time undergraduates will receive a bursary worth £1,000 over three years, subject to academic progress. Those receiving a maintenance grant should qualify for an extra £500 a year. Full-time foundation degree and HND students will receive a further scholarship of £500. Other financial support […]

Sunderland Uni Accommodation

Guaranteed for eligible first years; contact accommodation services for exact details. In 2004/5, weekly prices for undergraduate halls of residence ranged from £53.20 to £74.40; university managed houses cost between £37.55 and £51.45 a week. Expect a slight increase on these prices for next year. Sunderland has plenty of cheap accommodation around, post a message […]