Sunderland Wall

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Sunderland wall has some of the best route setters in the country, testing the ability of beginners and top climbers alike. You will not find a higher, more impressive Competition Wall in the UK and probably Europe!

The climbing wall has an area of 900m2, with future plans taking it up to over 2,500m2! The competition wall overhangs by a massive 8m, with two adjacent 6m overhangs testing the stamina of the most proficient of climbers. There are over 140 routes on the main walls, 90 of which are top-rope routes spread over 32 lines.

The center offers a number of courses from getting you started, to testing the big wall!



As well as induction courses the centre holds a number of clubs for kids up to the age of 13, allowing them experience the fun and excitement of climbing! Kids will learn the necessary rope work and skills to climb safely in a fully supervised environment.



Opening Times:
10am -10pm Monday – Friday
10am – 8pm Saturday and Sunday